About Urban Kitchen Handmade

A Brief Introduction to Urban Kitchen Handmade

"I began making soap, because I wanted to create a product made from proper ingredients that would clean, moisturize and relieve dry itchy skin. I found handmade soap to be the answer ", says Helene Matteson, founder and owner of Urban Kitchen Handmade.


Urban Kitchen Handmade started with Helene in her kitchen learning the craft of making soap. Soon after, soap making branched into making other personal care products and Helene moved from her home kitchen into her production studio where she produces a variety of natural and personal use products.


Handmade soap from Urban Kitchen Handmade is formulated with natural plant-based oils, butters, botanicals and scented with natural fragrances or essential oils. Plant oils have amazing benefits that help keep your skin soft, glowing, moisturized and nourished.


Just like our handmade soap, you will find that many of our other products are created with botanical oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil along with rich shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter.


Today, in addition to handmade soap, we produce soy candles, natural perfumes, room and linen sprays, lip balm, nourishing body and massage oil, whipped shea butter, lavender eye pillows and self care gift boxes.


Products from Urban Kitchen Handmade are produced in small handmade batches to focus on consistent quality.


Our goal is to make beautiful, functional, and enjoyable body care and home goods.