Candle CONTAINER Descriptions and Burning Instructions

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Our candles are available in four sizes.

••Size & Dimensions••

Round Metal Tin

2 oz measures 1.5" in height and 2.0" in diameter

6 oz measures 1.8" in height and 2.8" in diameter

Round Glass Jar

4 oz measures 2.68" in height and 2.4" in diameter

8 oz measures 3.5" in height and 2.87" in diameter


••Burn Times••

Round Metal Tin

2 oz: 10-15 hours

6 oz: 20-30 hours


Round Glass Jar

4 oz: 15-25 hours

8 oz: 30-40 hours


Burn times will vary based on altitude, weather conditions and candle care and maintenance (refer to the Burning Instructions for more maintenance information).


••Burning Instructions••


Do the following to get the longest burn:

  • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" for every burn
  • For first use, burn until wax pool meets the edge of the glass; this allows for an even burn
  • Let the wax cool before burning again
  • Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Keep away from drafts; this can create an uneven burn and a flame that is too strong
  • Burn in a safe place away from children, loose articles, hanging plants, and cat tails